Glossy colours, lived in blondes, personalised cuts, healthy hair. Whatever look you are going for, great hair doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by an appointment at Bella Donna Hair & Makeup. 

Owner Kala Duffy has been growing and evolving the business since buying it as a 21-year-old who had just finished her apprenticeship. The successful business owner has worked her way through many ups and downs. Changing work habits, the constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and changing expectations in the hairdressing industry. Despite it all, over the past 20 years, Bella Donna Hair and Makeup continues to be a leading hair salon in Bundaberg.

“The past 20 years has shown me over and over again that I really do love this industry. As a stylist, I love the connections and friendships I have been able to build with our guest and fellow hairdressers and, as much as running a small business can be overwhelming and all-consuming at times, I must admit, I have enjoyed the challenge.”

Kala is generally low key and not one to make a fuss, but wanted to mark the salon’s 20-year milestone. In May, Bella Donna celebrated its birthday month and to say thank you to everyone who has supported them during the 20 years, ran special promotions and a celebratory evening for staff and clients.

The birthday has given Kala a chance to reflect on how far Bella Donna has come and how much hairdressing has changed.

“Being both a hairdresser and in small business now is very different to 20-years-ago. When I first started, hairdressing it was a lot simpler – colour, regrowth or foils… A trip to the hairdresser is now so much more about personalized service and hair is so much more customized, it’s the total experience. Guests’ expectations have changed. The skills needed today means a lot of continued education to be able to keep ourselves on top of our game with ever evolving trends. A visit to the hairdresser these days can vary from 30mins to upwards of 5 hours depending on the guest desired outcome.”

It’s the customisation of hair and the personal satisfaction of each guest that has always been the focus for Bella Donna. Focusing on results and creating beautiful healthy has been the foundation on which the Bella Donna that exists today was built on.

“We look forward to the future and being able look after our valued guests, creating beautiful hair for many years to come.”


Book in to Bella Donna Hair & Makeup at 2/82 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg. Telephone 07 4151 7663  or visit  www.belladonnahairandmakeup.com