The rich red volcanic soil of the Bundaberg Region has been the catalyst for every industry that has sprouted here, with generations of farmers tending their crops in the name of prosperity and legacy. 

For 76 years, the Greensill family has grown some of our nation’s finest produce. First in 1945 when Roy Greensill planted, raised and cut 66 acres of sugar cane by hand on the slopes of the Hummock. By 1966, operations had expanded to more than 200 acres. Today the third-generation agribusiness covers more than 8000 acres in Qunaba and Wallaville.

Specialising in sweet potato, peanuts, sugarcane and a range of broadacre crops, Greensill Farming is extremely passionate and focused on showcasing the best of the Bundaberg Region to Australia, the broader Asia-Pacific and beyond.

And while growing fresh produce of the highest quality will always be at the heart of Greensill Farming, it’s the development of innovative sustainable farming practices that really excites co-owner and Executive Director Peter Greensill.

“It is critical for us to continue evolving and innovating our farming practices,” Peter said.

“Through innovation we are able to remain competitive in global markets while continuing to produce more consistent and higher-value products.

“Our customers are always looking to strive for better quality, longer shelf life, and more uniform appearance in their products. Innovative farming practices helps us achieve this.”

From organic fertilisers through to state-of-the-art packaging and product development, they are committed to ensuring the family’s farming legacy lives on in future generations.

“As a third-generation farmer, I see significant strength in having a close family unit working together and utilising the variety of skills we have,” Peter said.

“Each generation has worked extremely hard to build the business and hand it on to the next generation in a way that is more and more sustainable, by using the most up-to-date farming techniques to ensure the future of the farm and our business.”

Peter’s passion for farming keeps him close to everyday operations. Up before dawn, he is often found on the farm driving a tractor and operating equipment. He is hands-on and proud to be leading one of the Region’s finest agribusinesses.


PHOTOS By Kyle Schneider Photography