Thank you to Head Chef Alex Cameron from Water Street Kitchen for sharing his Mushroom Ravioli with Crush Magazine.


  • 1/2 cup dried porcini mushrooms, soaked in 1 cup boiling water for 30 minutes
  • 800g fresh button or cup mushrooms
  • 1/2 cup cream
  • 3 sprigs thyme
  • Make 1kg of dough, using your favourite fresh pasta recipe


Drain the dried mushrooms after 30 mins, reserving the soaking liquid.

In a pan cook the fresh mushrooms with a little oil and salt and pepper, stirring until it is dry.

Add the dried mushrooms and the soaking liquid, cook the mixture, stirring until it is dry.

Add cream and cook for 5 mins.

Transfer it to a blender and buzz into a puree.


Set yourself up a large area to work. Have a little bowl with water in it.

Cut off a piece of dough. Cover the rest with the plastic wrap.

Roll the piece of dough out until it is very thin.

Use a circle cutter to cut out circles of dough, and place a 1/2 teaspoon to a teaspoon (depending on how large your circles are) in the centre of each circle.

Dip your finger into the water bowl and run it along the outside edge of the pasta circle.

Place another circle onto the first to make the ravioli, making sure to press out any air bubbles.

Set each ravioli aside on a floured surface as you make them.

To cook, boil in salty water for one minute after they float to the surface. Strain and serve.

We love to top the ravioli with some fresh goats cheese, parmesan, freshly cracked pepper, melted butter & toasted pine nuts.

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