Words by Danielle Ballinger

If you follow Saskia – Home Gifts You on Instagram, you might have seen some of their fabulous fashion flatlays and wondered how they always manage to get it so very right!

Curating your own outfits on a daily basis need not be difficult or tiring. With a few simple tips, you can define your own style in no time and rock it like the team at Saskia. 

Make sure you have several neutral essentials (white, black, nude and denim) in your wardrobe. This way you can let new statement pieces be the hero of the outfit while the basics play their part in the background. Look for quality linen pants and cotton tees (like the one pictured) that will last the test of time and only need replacing every few years.   

As the Autumn weather kicks in, the ladies at Saskia are big fans of layering. Most of us tend to preference certain colours in our wardrobes, so look for blazers or lightweight knits that pair well with your existing wardrobe or select pieces that add a bold kick to your neutral essentials. Have these items on standby as your go-to when you’re heading out the door. On the cooler days, add a scarf and swap your open-toe, strappy sandals for some enclosed sneakers with a little bling. 

When wearing a skirt or trousers, you can’t go wrong with the French tuck. Simply tuck-in a little of your top into the bottom of choice to add a seamlessly stylish effect. This will define the waistline and balance the proportions of your outfit.

No outfit is complete without jewellery. Don’t be afraid to have some fun. At Saskia, you’ll have a hard time limiting yourself to only one piece. Bright, bold, quirky, timeless and elegant – they have it all.  

Ultimately, getting dressed for any occasion comes down to how the clothing makes you feel. Confidence plays a key role in making any outfit a success and remember it is always about what works for you. There really are no rules with fashion – co-ordinated or contrasting, fitted or flowing. If you love it, own it! 


Find Saskia Home Gifts You at Millaquin Markets, Shop 4/133 Bargara Road, Bundaberg East. 07 4151 1873