How many times have you set a goal for yourself, you plug away at it, then life happens, and your goal becomes a thought: ‘I’ll get back to that one da

Unfortunately it’s an all-too-common scenario. Amanda Roche was in the work-family-house-repeat cycle when a life-changing event helped her realise there had to be more to life. After a journey of self-discovery and becoming a John Maxwell certified coach and speaker, Amanda began her journey as an ‘accountability architect’ and opened Kali Coaching.

“Kali Coaching is for women, business owners and professionals who have trouble staying accountable to their goals. They may even find themselves in a situation where they’ve lost their way and feel stuck within the work-family-house cycle. At Kali Coaching we’re here to help women stay accountable to achieving their goals so they can take back control and become the architect of their own life,” Amanda said. 

Trained in DiSC and Flippin personality profiling, Amanda has also been building a range of programs that encourage women to step outside their comfort zone to reach their full potential. Kali Coaching’s signature program is ‘Chaos to Calm in 90 days’.

“Within our programs we really take a deep dive into all that stuff that has us stuck and is holding us back. Ultimately we are here to help put the structures in place, to set women up for success without the overwhelm. It is about releasing the old so the new can enter,” Amanda said.

“It’s also where we learn about time organisation and how to protect our time around what it is we want to achieve. By the end of it, you’ve got your pathway forward.”

Amanda understands that Kali Coaching doesn’t provide the answer to a busy life, however it does provide the tools and systems to enjoy it. 

“We will always have chaos come into our life. My life is not full of days that are beautiful and calm, there’s definitely chaos in there, however it’s about having the tools in your toolbelt of life to enable you to ask yourself, ‘how can I bring myself back to a place of calm,” she said.

In addition to the signature program, Kali Coaching also offers one-on-one transformational coaching and two 12-month programs, one for the empowered woman and one for the empowered business owner. There are also five-day online challenges and a free Facebook community.

Amanda has just launched an abundant transformation planner to help people get more organised, set clear goals and be accountable with ease.


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