“And so castles made of sand slips into the sea, eventually…”― Jimi Hendrix

Ephemeral art only lasts for a short time. It’s something to be savoured and enjoyed. It’s a reflection of the temporary nature of our existence, of time slipping away, of how nothing should be taken for granted just like love, loyalty, friendship, and life.

I recently caught up with local art leader Cynthia Hoogstraten to talk about labyrinths and drumming circles. Two art forms that pop up right along the Coral Coast – but not for long.

Cynthia said that drawing labyrinths is a way to demonstrate connection to the earth, sea, and community.

“A labyrinth is a metaphor for our life’s journey,” Cynthia said.

“The act of creating an artwork on the sand, and knowing that nature gently washes it away, acknowledges that each day offers new opportunities. With each new sunrise, there is the affirmation of a new day and what it may hold.

“In the time that I am drawing, I am in the moment and focused. I find it energising yet calming. It is my meditation, my time and my ‘happy place’. It’s about being present,” she said.

Cynthia said for some people it can be quite emotional. It can also be a healing tool, one way of walking the path, setting an intention to walk, and then releasing what may be heavy on the mind at each twist and turn.

If you’re lucky enough to be around for the full moon you can join the Unity Drummers Drumming Circles at Bargara or more recently at the Yarning Circle – supported by our First Nations Taribelang Bunda People.

Drumming is not only fun, but it also connects people on a social level through a common interest.

“I learned that music, and drumming in particular, opens neural pathways, evidenced in people living with dementia. It is an excellent exercise – if you don’t use it, you lose it,” Cynthia said.

Expression through art is truly for everyone so if you’re lost for a gift for someone who has everything, introduce them to the ephemeral.


Michael Dart is an actor, Director of Creative Regions and member of the Playhouse Theatre.