Small batches. Premium products. Special limited edition and exclusive releases. White spirits. Quirky collaborations with other quality beverage companies. Marinades, sauces, fudges and jerky. Merchandise. There’s no mistaking, Bundaberg Distilling Company has evolved significantly in the past decade and gathered many new fans along the way.

They wouldn’t be the first international company to forget where they started – but that’s not the Bundaberg Rum way. They’ve always been known for sponsoring major sporting events, and pitching in during floods, fires and pandemics (did you read our Tipple Town Issue?). In yet another sure sign they don’t take their Original UP fan base for granted, they’re touring Australia’s heartlands.

After a tough few years of travel restrictions and isolation, it’s been near impossible for many fans to visit the Distillery themselves. So the company is taking a bit of old-fashioned Bundy Rum hospitality directly to them with a bonza backyard barbecue for the battlers. 

Unlike all the other inferior “big things” (large novelty sculptures) scattered throughout Australia, the Big Bundaberg Rum Bottle featured in Bundy’s Backyard is mobile and houses a barbecue grill. 

With the grill sizzling and the cans icy cold, they are serving up delicious barbecue eats with a Bundy Rum flavour (see the menu!). Mates are bonding over live music. They’re getting reacquainted with their favourite drop and discovering new ones. 


Bundy Rum Burger Sauce

A zesty, lime-y, rum-y mayonnaise-based sauce that will take your beef patty, chicken, fish or steak burgers to the next level (0.6 Standard Drinks)

20ml Bundaberg Rum Original UP

8 tbs quality store bought mayonnaise

Zest of two limes

Juice of one lime

Combine all the ingredients together. Spread generously on crown and base of buns as you build your burger.

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Bundy’s Backyard first started at Rockhampton Beef Week last year, followed by Tamworth Country Music Festival in April. Bundy’s Backyard will visit the Gympie Music Muster in August this year, followed by Deniliquin Ute Muster in September.


What’s on the menu at Bundy’s Backyard

Bundy Steak Sanga – steak, swiss cheese, caramelised onion, spiced Bundy
beetroot & rocket on a toasted ciabatta served with the famous Bundy BBQ sauce

Bundy BBQ Ribs – Bundy Rum barbecue beef short rib served with a creamy bacon and potato salad served with the famous Bundy BBQ sauce.

The Bundaburger – chef’s ground beef burger with cheese, crispy fried onions, pickled cucumber, lettuce and tomato on a seeded burger bun. Served with the famous Bundy BBQ sauce

Sticky Rum Pork Belly – slow cooked famous Bundy BBQ glazed pork belly and dusted with pork crackling and a side of creamy potato salad

The Bundy Big Dog – foot long beef sausage served with over proof caramelised onions, famous Bundy BBQ sauce and drizzled with cheesey sauce

Spiced Bundy Corn – whole corn on the cob topped with a Jalapeño aioli finished with fresh parmesan.