Taking a step back from normal life can sometimes be all you need to relax and reset and bring your life back to balance. 

Whether you want to regain an authentic connection with yourself or deepen your relationship with your partner or spouse, Marley Tunstall hears the whispers of your soul.

Owner of Jade Room in Agnes Water, Marley has created retreats for women and couples that combine the art of being present with self-care and coping skills.

“When head, heart and soul align, people come into their natural balance,” Marley said.

A platonic marriage and a long corporate career left Marley feeling there was more to life and searching for “restoration”. She was intrigued by a book about tantra, learning of masculine and feminine energy and balance.

Captivated by how tantra works with the whole person – mind, body and soul – Marley completed formal qualifications as a tantra practitioner, where she rediscovered personal balance and inspiration.

It’s something Marley seeks to pass on to retreat participants; to regain their balance and learn practices for daily life, while maintaining a sense of wholeness, renewal and vitality.


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