Andrew Udal is proof that growing up in regional Queensland is no barrier to a bright future.

When Andrew was younger, he dreamt of being a pilot and even began practising on a simulator for the flight between Bundaberg to Brisbane. But it was his growing love for music, and the opportunities through Bundaberg Christian College’s music program that set him on a different path towards composing music scores for film.

Andrew plays cello, percussion and he sings—and throughout his time at Bundaberg Christian College he participated as a senior member of their many orchestras, bands, and choirs. However, it was through his music classes and the dedicated encouragement of his teachers, that he discovered a passion for telling stories through music.

Andrew’s school days are behind him now and he’s currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane. But he fondly reminisces about his music classes.

“I found my music classes to be such an enjoyable and stress relieving time, when I didn’t have to worry about anything else!” Andrew said.

“My studies at the College played such a part in growing my music skills and understanding not just my instruments, but all the parts of an orchestra. Working with my fellow students has helped me to compose pieces that aren’t simply focused on the overall sound, but are also enjoyable for musicians to play,” he said.

Andrew was a finalist in the 2019 Commonwealth International Composition Award and watched his piece performed at London’s Princess Alexandra Hall via livestream. He’s composed several other pieces performed locally and further afield by both his peers, and professional musicians.

While Andrew is away from home for now, he credits the opportunities he had in Bundaberg as the foundation for his success. 

“Aside from music, I was able to represent my school in table tennis and even played in an international competition. The unique leadership opportunities I had as school captain, the people I got to meet, and the relationships I formed with teachers have all shaped me,” Andrew said.

“Bundy has been a peaceful and easy place to grow up and by simply being closer to everything, I’ve been able to take every opportunity and fit more in,” he said.


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