Whether they are a necessity or just for occasional use, there is absolutely no reason why your eyewear can’t be as fabulous as you are! Just like clothing, eyewear styles come and go. Eyewear is having a real moment, so here are a few trends for 2022/23.


Varying from clear to confection-hued crystal, this trend allows you to go bigger and bolder without overpowering your face and your outfit. Think big, bold, chunky crystal clear, or the tiniest hint of pastel, such as bubble gum pink, lavender or baby blue. This trend is all about the mix of soft, subtle colour and bold shape. 


This trend is for those who like the classics. Think classic shapes, black, tort or perhaps brushed rose gold, with an accent detail such as subtle bling, or a hint of animal print. Nothing showy, this is all about subtle styling. 


The opposite to the crystal trend, some prefer it bold. ‘Geek chic’ is all about the frame being the centre of attention. Traditionally black, rectangular and thick rims – the bigger and bolder the better. This is not a trend for those who like to blend in; it’s go big or go home, and it is not going anywhere soon. 

Barely There

Not since the mid 1990s have we seen the round, ‘barely-there’ metal frames making such a splash. Delicate and almost invisible, these are popular with those wanting a minimal, sophisticated look. Think rose gold, silver or black for a more elevated, timeless look.  


For those who write the rules – there are no rules. Eyewear is a very personal accessory. It is important to get the right fit, the right style, the right pair and something just for you. Ask one our fantastic staff members to help you choose the correct frame; not only for your lifestyle, but for your style.


Karen Christiansen is the managing owner of The Optical Superstore Bundaberg.