Bundaberg and Bargara have a lot of history, and with that comes some beautiful older homes with character and a story. Unlike other cities, these unique homes are often at an entry-level price point. Here’s a few reasons to consider adding an older home to your purchasing shortlist. 

You’ve likely heard the old saying ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’. Some of our older homes have stood for decades; some perhaps even centuries and weathered many a storm. They were built out of quality hardwood timbers, some built by hand by genuine craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail. You can’t help but appreciate a period home with intricate plasterwork, leadlight glass, hardwood flooring and handmade timber windows and doors. Built in an era of detail, rather than Scandinavian simplicity. Timber homes tend to better lend themselves to home renovation and extension.  

Years ago land was cheaper, so developers allowed for larger lot sizes, with plenty of room for sheds and home extensions. In our long-established areas, you will often find quarter-acre blocks or larger. Newer estates tend to be smaller in size as costs have risen. You will also notice in older areas, the same neighbours will have been there for many years and can tell you a story or two about how things have changed. 

It is not uncommon to see 50 to 100-year-old trees in our established areas, providing a welcoming entrance to a home or a feature piece of a backyard. There’s something special about a tree that has been part of a home, spanning through decades. It is something that simply cannot be replicated quickly. 

I personally love seeing how design has changed over the years and trying to pick the era of the home. Every older home is different, and while some people might find a few things odd, others find the quirks endearing and embrace them as part of the home’s story. 

Old or new, in our Region, everyone can find a property that feels like home to them. 


Emma Bauer is the owner of Coastline Realty. She also has experience in conveyancing and interior design.