Make a statement. Show off your style. Stand out. A beautiful bag can do it all, and there are none more beautiful or likely to make a statement than a clutch from Willow and Hyde.

Hand painted and sewn by Childers creator Chloe Johnson, they are as much a piece of art as they are a fashion statement.

“I had seen the idea around and was looking for a creative outlet and thought this would be something I could make myself. Interest really snowballed quite organically once I started making them,” Chloe said.

Starting at markets, then launching her website, Chloe has continued to grow and innovate, also making earrings, keychains and hair accessories, and stocking Willow wallets and hand fans, all available to purchase on her website.

As popular as her beautiful clutches is Brush and Bubbles in the Bush – a take on the traditional ‘paint and sip’ event. Guests hand-paint their own canvas which is turned into a one-of-a-kind clutch. 

“I really wanted to share the experience of creating without telling people exactly what to do. It’s very organic and intuitive so guests can just have fun with it, without any pressure or self-doubt about what they are creating,” she said.

Keep an eye on the website for upcoming workshop dates, or Chloe will also travel for private bookings. DIY clutch kits are also available to purchase online.


Show the Willow and Hyde range at www.willowandhyde.com