We all need a helping hand at some stage of our lives. Whether it is someone to just be there for us, give us advice, or tell it like it is (we all have that one friend, right!).

For Kirsten Williams being there to help others is something that has always come naturally. “After all, we do life with people, right?” she said.

From being a youth pastor and guiding teenagers into young adulthood, to working with businesses as a graphic designer and marketer, to becoming a CrossFit coach, Kirsten continued to feel the pull to do more to help. It led her on a path to become a certified life and creativity coach.

“During the pandemic, like most people, I began reassessing my life. ‘What do I actually want to do now for the next season and my life’, as our kids had grown up and left home. I started to think about what encompasses everything I do,” Kirsten said.

After her initial training, Kirsten has partnered with Flourish Coaching and the John Maxwell Leadership Team, enabling her to become certified in life, business, and creativity coaching, with other certifications on the way. 

Kirsten sees her job as one of support – to be there to help clarify some things for her clients.

“People already know what they want in their life, and for a whole range of factors they have been trying certain things and haven’t succeeded, or they don’t feel like they are where they should be in life. There’s also a lot of business stress as well and people are thinking about the future,” Kirsten said.

“I’m a firm believer that everybody has the answers to whatever they’re going through. It’s my job to help pull that forward and help people actually see what that is, then helping them to make the steps in the right direction to make that a reality.

“Coaching is not me telling somebody ‘this is what you should do’. It’s about an ongoing conversation that keeps people getting those revelations for their own life to keep them moving forward.”


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