Togetherness can mean a lot of different things. It might be a business partnership or collaboration. A friendship, marriage or family. But it’s also the things we bond over. The shared experiences and memories. The activities we enjoy. The places we visit. The traditions and rituals we create. 

Gatherings may look different now in the wake of COVID-19, but we asked a few local businesses and people to tell us what togetherness means to them. They’ve shared stories of innovation as well as recipes and tips for low-fuss family feasts. We showcase some of the best local activities and venues for bringing people together; like taking the kids ten pin bowling or sharing a meal at Agnes Water Tavern. 

We hope it inspires you to create some new traditions, and reflect on what togetherness means to you! 

A couple of Crush family traditions

Every December our Editor-in-Chief, Larine Statham-Blair and her two sons bake gingerbread doctors as gifts and a train table centrepiece, full of lollies from Cha Cha Chocolate. 

Each year Managing Editor Nikki Sorbello and her family spend much of January and the Easter long weekend at her parents’ holiday home in Woodgate Beach. There’s no internet, just lots of sand, sun, surf, books and boardgames.