It’s been a long day and you are ready to kick off your shoes, sit back and relax with a bit of mindless television. Except when you sit down, your couch is hard and the cushion seams are digging in – you just can’t get cosy.

While renovation shows highlight beautiful designer furniture, in the real world furniture must not only look good, but be comfortable as well.

It’s something Melinda and Darren Scheuer at Bundaberg Furniture Court and Beds R Us feel passionately about – after all, our living areas are where most family memories are made.

“When you have friends over, you don’t want to be on an uncomfortable couch. In our homes we are making memories, having parties and celebrating, and you want your friends and family to be comfortable,” Melinda said.

“It’s the same with the dining table. What are your childhood memories of playing board games? It’s everybody sitting around the dining or coffee table. It is also where we come together as a family to enjoy mealtimes. It is where you blow out the candles on the birthday cake.”

When comfort and feel are a priority, Melinda said it is important to try before you buy.

“Our business slogan is ‘feel at home’ and we want to give people that ‘moment’, the one where you get home from work, flick off your shoes, sit in the lounge, put your feet up and say ‘ahhhh’,” she said.

“We are always encouraging people to sit in the chairs. Everyone’s posture is different, and everybody’s legs are different lengths. So put the recliners out and put your feet up. Think about if you can watch television while you’re fully reclined.”

Where you will find comfort at Furniture Court and Beds R Us you will also find modern pieces, with some traditional buffets, hutches and bookcases too. New stock is always arriving, so you won’t have to wait on delivery when the room “re-do” mood takes you this Summer.


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