Most people love being outdoors, enjoying watersports, fishing, hiking, swimming, or gardening. But it’s not always a walk in the park. Sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that can ruin what should otherwise be a wonderful experience – sunburn and biting insects!

It was this exact problem that prompted Gail Smith to create Nudicover. When she couldn’t find a cover-up solution to suit her needs, Gail began designing her own clothing. 

Today, Nudicover garments provide protection against 70 per cent of ultraviolet sunrays. They’re quick drying, cool to wear and provide protection from sandflies and other bugs.  

“I became highly allergic to midges and started getting really sick from being bitten,” Gail said. “Living in Bundaberg next to the river it was a big problem for me. I started covering myself in bug spray and that poisoned my system, creating other issues like psoriasis and eczema. Then I tried to cover up with fishing or sun shirts, but I found them so hot in our tropical Queensland climate that I wasn’t enjoying being outdoors at all. I had two choices – either move to Tasmania or come up with clothing that I can wear that is actually cool.” 

Gail did a design course and started looking for fabric options. It took her a few years to find the perfect solution – a soft, innovative mesh that could be worn in and out of the water and could be rated for the Australian sun. 

After finding the ‘perfect fit’ two years ago, word is now spreading about Nudicover’s unique products, including rash shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, hats and face covers for men, women and children.

“I love getting feedback that our product has helped people enjoy the outdoors again, because our clothing has made it simpler. They can quickly throw on their Nudicover and be mostly protected from the sun and bugs, without needing different covers for different purposes,” Gail said. “Because Nudicover is quick drying, it reduces the need to change your clothes between activities.”

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Model Toni Jordan wears Nudicover’s long sleeve white polo. PHOTO CREDIT: Paul Beutel/supplied