With the weather starting to cool down, are you thinking it’s time for a change? Whether it’s a new Winter copper colour, a new bang or even some caramel foils – change is coming.


The mid-long: The mid-length is the most versatile haircut of all, which can be highlighted with some colour, to give shine and volume.

Short hair: Cropped cut and vintage-looking mullets are essentials this season. But we still have to dare! My favourite is still the classic blunt French bob – it’s timeless and still so on trend


Hazelnut Brunette: For an update on brown, this time we have found inspiration in hazelnuts. It is defined as a tone-on-tone brown with glimpses of golden, light browns to depths of a deeper ashy brown. It is low maintenance with high impact. I recommend bringing plenty of photos to your hair stylist, so they can understand what tones you’re looking for.


In Winter the weather can strip all the goodness out of your hair, so give your locks a good injection of moisture with a plex. This is simply a leave-in hair treatment to reverse chemical and physical damage to the hair. Plex technologies claim to aid the process of building bonds and work on improving the hair condition from within. There are two we use in the salon – K18 and Olaplex.

The K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask is perfect to give your hair some relief. It is a no-rinse treatment; a patented bioactive peptide that promises to reverse damage caused by colouring, heat and styling. It works by repairing the keratin within each strand, and it works in just four minutes!

Olaplex strengthens hair right at the molecular level, helping rebuild strands if they’ve been in distress. This system works from the inside out, to get hair back to its strong-bond best. Olaplex is a step-by-step system that starts the moment you have your hair coloured at the salon.

For an everyday at home moisture product, try the Miracle Cream by Eleven. It’s great for all hair types and textures, is lightweight and will add strength, moisture and shine. This treatment offers 11 major benefits to keep your hair strong, silky and smooth.


Kiralee is the owner and senior hairstylist at The Place Hairdressing on Bourbong Street, Bundaberg. Telephone 07 4152 1800.