Smooth Australian hardwoods turned into beautiful and practical pieces define the beauty of Corymbia Cottage Craft, by Moore Park Beach artisan Michael McAulay.

An aircraft fitter by trade, Mike has always worked with his hands, but it wasn’t until his later years when he found his passion for woodworking.

“It actually wasn’t until we needed a new coffee table and I thought I would give it a go, and got a few tools and thought, ‘wow, this is good fun’,” Mike said.

“I grew up in a timber town and lived close to the sawmill; Dad worked there for a part, so working with wood feels very natural to me.”

Mike decided to explore his woodworking passion due to all the resources in the region.

“A lot of the materials I use are saved from a burn pile – trees that have been knocked over or fallen over that are going to be burnt,” he said.