One thing I love about being part of this community is having people over for a barbecue. 

My go to recipe is “Dan Burgers”, which is so simple to make.

For the hamburger I use 500g of beef mince, two eggs, salt and pepper, diced onion (white or red), breadcrumbs, barbeque and tomato sauce – no need to measure, just a sprinkle and squirt of each.

Place everything into a bowl and mix till well combined, then make the patties about 2cm thick and place in fridge. They are best made the day before or morning of your barbecue.

Get them out of the fridge and let rest, before putting the burgers on the hot barbeque. Season with more salt and pepper, only turning once until cooked.

When it comes to the other burger ingredients, that is entirely up to you. I like lettuce, tomato, beetroot, egg, bacon, cheese and cooked onion (pineapple is also a great option).

About 60 seconds prior to taking your burger off the barbecue add cheese to the top allowing it to melt, also cook your onions, egg and bacon on the barbecue.

Grab the buns from a local bakery, cut in half and toast on the barbecue. Once toasted, add some butter, some salt and pepper, compile your burger with barbecue or tomato sauce on the lid. I often serve it with a side salad, but you can easily enjoy it just on its own.

Now with some friends around for a barbecue you need to have a good music selection. This can be anything from Fleetwood Mac to AC/DC, depending on who you are inviting over. One thing I like to do is ask my guests for five songs, putting the responsibility on them – after all, I am cooking their dinner!


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