The bond between an animal and human is a special one, but not always easy. Horse whisperer Serrin Tabart from Harmonising Horses helps bridge the gap between horses and their owners and riders, to establish a loving bond of understanding and trust. 

“I use clairsentient skills, which means I feel and have the ability to hear the unapparent,” Serrin said.

Serrin combines these skills with her training in reiki, theta, massage, aromatherapy, meditation and photonic therapy to work as a horse therapist.

“When misalignment is in place between horse and human, disharmony can occur,” she said.

“Restoring a calm and loving environment, enabling the horse to form a deeper connection and a more enjoyable relationship with the owner-rider is what I’ve been perfecting since I was a young child.

“A horse has its own story. I work with the horse in a gentle, non-invasive way to heal physical, emotional and behavioural issues, allowing a stronger bond and better communication between horse and human.”

Serrin is in the initial stages of designing animal retreats, bringing together people and animals for unique healing experiences.

As a personal travel manager, Serrin also offers small group equine therapy tours, including studying equine reike in Japan; the birthplace of reiki.


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