Cheynee Wedrat is not your stereotypical social media influencer. She hates the camera and would prefer to remain behind the scenes. Her clothing boutique, Silver by Diamond, has almost 97,000 followers on Instagram, but she never set out to be insta-famous. For her, it’s always been about the clothing and jewellery.

The former hairdresser was making her own timber beaded jewellery and her clients kept asking where she got it from. “In 2007, I started Silver by Diamond and was doing parties in peoples’ homes,” Cheynee said. 

About four years later Cheynee started a clothing label named after her two horses, Arlo and Ollie. “I’d made my own clothes from a young age. I liked that I was different. I didn’t want anyone else to have it, but people kept asking so eventually I bit the bullet.”

Silver by Diamond took off in 2014 after a pop-up stall at Paradise Lagoons Campdraft. Every year, the four-day event attracts thousands of people from across Australia to Rockhampton. But that success was nothing compared to the loyal online following Cheynee’s designs attracted after attending events like the Polocrosse World Cup. “It all just kind of happened organically and snowballed,” she said.  

Today, she sells women’s clothing, timber and sterling silver jewellery, leather bags and belts at rural events, online and from her boutique studio loft in Palace Arcade. Every piece is designed personally by Cheynee. Her clothing is classically feminine, easy to wear and timeless. 

“My customers are predominantly rural woman who live on the land in hot climates. They need fabrics that breathe, so everything is made from natural fibres like cotton and linen,” she said. “They deserve quality clothing that lasts and is affordably priced – it’s important to me that fashion is accessible. I don’t release seasonal collections; I just continually create,” she said.  

Cheynee, whose signature selfie pose involves hiding her face with her phone, said she drew design inspiration from her travels. “It could be something as simple as seeing a woman in Indonesia, carrying a basket of fruit on her head, and her dress is stained but the colour is amazing and I’ll try to emulate that in my fabric.”




Silver by Diamond can be found Upstairs Palace Arcade Shop 12/133 Bourbong Street