You pick up the kids and are running from one after-school commitment to the next. You’ve made plans for all the long weekends coming up and don’t have time to meal plan or grocery shop. You’ve had a big day and just can’t be bothered cooking.

Whatever reason has you scratching your head about what to put on the table at dinner time, there is no need to feel like you are compromising quality and nutrition when you can swing into Olsen’s Corner Foodworks. 

While they have long been famous for their delicious deli, it is their homemade ready-made meals that are quickly becoming firm favourites for mid-week dinners and weekend treats.

The team focus on fresh food that you would make and serve yourself at home. Cottage pie, spaghetti and potato bake that is easy to heat and serve. Sweet and sour pork or meatballs and honey chicken offer something a little different, or throw the delicious beef stir fry in a pan for a few minutes for a fresh hot dinner. Salmon patties, vegetable fritters and yummy loaded jacket potatoes are sure to delight when they hit the table.

Olsen’s Corner Foodworks’ perfectly seasoned roasted barbecue chickens can be teamed up with a deli salad and some fresh bread from Rise The Bakehouse. 

For something a little more relaxed, you can taste the freshness of Olsen’s Corner Foodworks’ new hand-made pizzas. Supreme, hawaiian, meatlovers and pepperoni are ready-made for you to bake at home or enjoy them on the go. Just order at the deli and they will cook them fresh, ready for you to eat in minutes.

And don’t forget the dessert! While the greengrocer and supermarket has all your favourites, nothing beats the freshness of their banoffee pie or caramel tarts, trifle, cheesecakes and mousse. 

Olsen’s Corner Foodworks is at Southside Central Shopping Centre, 56 Walker Street, Bundaberg. 07 4151 3268