Bokeh, depth of field, aperture, and ISO – what does it all mean? The symbols and letters on a digital camera can be confusing and photography jargon can seem like a secret language. But mastering the settings on your camera and understanding the key concepts to digital photography could have you seeing life through a new lens.

Camera House Bundaberg is helping budding local photographers take their photography to the next level with training workshops to help get their digital cameras off auto and into the limitless possibilities of manual mode.

Course co-ordinator and Camera House team member Thomas Gees said that understanding how to use the different functions on a camera could sometimes feel overwhelming, but once people got the basics, it didn’t take long for the rest to click.

“Most of our course participants have no prior photography experience with a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera, and they’re unsure of what to make of all the letters, symbols and buttons on their camera,” Thomas said.

“We give our participants all the knowledge they need to get started on their photography journey, as well as a few fun tips for things people might like to try.”

Over two, three-hour Saturday sessions, course participants learn the different functions on their camera, tips for getting the right shot, and then have an opportunity to bring all their knowledge together with the guidance of Camera House’s expert team.

Thomas said while camera phones have come a long way and can take great pictures on the go, customers are often disappointed when it comes to printing, especially if they are after large prints or canvases.

“A camera such as a DSLR can physically record more detail than a phone and will almost always result in a better-quality image,” Thomas said.

“Using your camera on manual modes also gives you full creative control, allowing you to get the perfect shot as you can adapt to the light or capture fast moving images more effectively than a camera on a phone. Shooting in RAW also allows you to capture a lot more information, resulting in more options when editing.”

Thomas said he and the team also enjoyed welcoming the course participants back into the store to see how their photography is developing.

“The team at Camera House are passionate about photography and it’s exciting to share the joy of photography with others,” he said.


For more information about the photography courses visit the team in store at Bundaberg Camera House, 102a Bourbong Street, Bundaberg. 07 4152 2999