When you connect with a piece of art, it’s almost like it is speaking to you. Telling you a story. Perhaps of its origins, or one pulled from the depths of your imagination.

There is something mature or grown up about purchasing original artwork and displaying it in your home. It’s a conversation starter. A thought provoker. A treasure.

The Bundaberg Art Prize, on exhibition from September 11 to 26, is the largest collection of artworks available for sale in Bundaberg. It is also the largest showcase of the Region’s artists.

Bundaberg Art Prize president Phil Oakley said about 80 per cent of the hundreds of pieces came from the Bundaberg Region, with another 10 per cent from the greater Wide Bay area and the remainder from other areas across Australia such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

“With hundreds of pieces on display across four categories – Easel, Paper, Digital and 3D – it really showcases that you don’t have to go to the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane to buy good quality art,” Phil said.

The high calibre of work on display is thanks in part to the $10,000 overall winner’s prize on offer.

“The prize money has certainly motivated people in the past two years to support the event and showcase their best work. It has even made amateur artists sit up and give it a go, motivated by the quality of art,” he said.

“It has been wonderful to elevate in people’s minds the quality of art and artists we have here. Bundaberg is not always thought about as an art centre, but we really are.”

The large prize pool is only made possible by the collective sponsors, who all donate part of the overall prize.

“It’s very unique to do it this way, but it makes it much more of a community-based event and we are thankful for the business support we receive,” he said.

You won’t find the Bundaberg Art Prize in a gallery. Each year it takes over vacant shops in the Bundaberg CBD, turning them into a pop-up gallery. All artwork entered is for sale, with prices ranging from just $50 into the thousands of dollars. Ensuring that no matter what your budget, a piece of handcrafted and heartfelt artwork is ready to take up pride of place in your home.


The Bundaberg Arts Prize is open to the public on the corner of Bourbong and Tantitha streets (the old Hyundai Dealership). Visit www.bundabergartprize.com.au or follow their Facebook page for open times.