If you imagine a European vacation, would you be sitting in a beautiful country garden, wine in hand and overlooking rolling hills? Perhaps you would be meandering along a garden path, admiring the work of local artisans. Or would you be discussing the day’s events over a delicious plate of food, drinking local wines?

While it’s not possible to venture to Europe right now, you can feel like you are there without venturing far from home. It is these experiences that make Vintner’s Secret Vineyard so much more than a winery. You will want to make sure you have a few hours up your sleeve to properly explore.

Once you are finished playing the heritage games with the kids, visiting the farm animals and wandering through the heirloom herb and vegetable garden, it is time to settle in for a tasting of the vineyard’s award-winning wines.

Varieties such as marsanne, verdelho, shiraz and cabernet grow on the vines at Vintners Secret, with owners Marianne Lethbridge and Ed Murray creating sweet and dry table wines as well as sparkling white and rose wines. They also use the verdelho to create their signature fortified wine.

Enjoy lunch onsite at Whispers Café, or finish your visit with coffee and cake.


Vintner’s Secret Vineyard is open Wednesday – Sunday at 135 North Isis Road, Childers