Valentine’s Day, thank you, get well soon, sorry or just because – flowers make the perfect gift, but the pandemic has shifted how we view beautiful things. We are preferencing quality, long-lasting products, over things that are disposable or short lived. 

It’s given rise to the popularity of dried flowers and faux greenery once again. Except now they are striking and architectural – a far cry from what most remember as a tacky ‘80s trend. 

If you need convincing just step inside New Vintage. Nestled among their upcycled furniture and unique homewares is a vast array of dried floral arrangements – from tiny posies to embellished ornaments and large vases with palm fronds, feathers, grasses and flowers.

If it’s quirky, old world or one-of-a-kind, you’ll find it at New Vintage. When you discover a piece you love, don’t think twice or put it back on the shelf – most of their items are one of a kind, and sell out fast! 

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12a Barolin Street, Bundaberg

0492 165 318