By Shona Amos | Essence Spa and Beauty

Coming out of winter months, we find a lot of clients seeking treatments to help exfoliate and clear their skin, reduce inflammation and reduce the signs of aging.

The truth is, all of these are caused by sun damage and the best way to achieve beautiful skin and a flawless makeup look is to look after and protect your skin from the sun.


The most important thing for your skin in summer is SPF. We know you hear it all the time, but there’s a reason for that – the sun is the most aging factor for skin.

Even if you are wearing makeup you still need to be wearing an SPF50 or SPF30 underneath – no exceptions! Opt for a zinc-based sunscreen as it doesn’t move under makeup. There are a lot of sunscreens available now that are lightweight, smell great and even have anti-aging properties, so it is more like a moisturiser as well.

The other important thing is to adjust your skincare routine for the warmer months. Just like you change your wardrobe for each season, so you should with skincare.

The moisturiser your used in winter, won’t be the best one to use in summer. In summer your skin will be a bit more oily and most people tend to want a more matt effect, over a dewy finish in the cooler months.

It is also the same with facials and beauty treatments. In summer we will be doing more microdermabrasions as clients look to alleviate congested skin.


In the past few years, the make-up look everyone wants in summer is to look like they aren’t wearing makeup – the look of natural, radiant, glowing skin, leaving pops of colour for a night out or special occasion.

This makeup look really comes back to having a good skincare routine and regular facials. If you find in summer that your makeup is moving around or not staying put, it is often the dead skin cells on your face sliding under the makeup.

While some people wear makeup to cover their skin, our goal is to repair the skin so clients can feel confident and don’t have to wear so much makeup to achieve this natural look.


Looking after your skin isn’t just about what you put on your face, but what you put into your body. We all know drinking more water is great for the complexation, but there are other products you can take to help get glowing skin from the inside out.

We have found people with aggravated skin or acne and hormonal skin, their intake of coffee and soft drink was quite high and water intake lower than it should be.

That is where we have found the Beauty Chef range of products – collagen bottles, antioxidants and probiotics – to be amazing. You can simply pop some in with sparking water and it can replace that afternoon soft drink or coffee.


If you are wondering if you need all the skincare and preparation steps, YES! Each has their own job.

Every skincare regime is different, but everyone should follow these basic steps

  • your usual cleansing routine
  • follow with serum
  • moisturiser
  • sunscreen
  • primer (you still need this, even with moisturiser and sunscreen and it’s especially important in summer)
  • then foundation and makeup

I would recommend waiting a few minutes between sunscreen and primer.


If you are looking for the best products in summer these are two must haves. Or book a skin consultation with one of our specialists.

  • Calm balm – primer
  • Hydro- peptide tinted sunscreen SPF30