Calling all adventure-seekers and quest-hunters! Join people all over the world exploring their way around cities in a unique and interesting way. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow the clues to discover objects that have been hidden right under our noses. You’ve heard of scavenger and treasure hunts, but have you heard of Geocaching?

Geocaching involves finding hidden objects via an online app. Members of the Geocache community disguise ‘caches’ and hide them in areas all around the world – including within the Bundaberg Region.

You can log on to the Geocache community to try and find a cache near you. Some caches have prizes inside that can be exchanged, as well as logs to sign to confirm your find.

We had a go at locating caches all around the Bundaberg CBD and ended up finding four out of five – not a bad effort for our first try! 

We had three Wide Bay Kids with us aged 10, 11 and 12, who were all really excited about what treasure they may find. The first cache we opened was middle sized and had plenty of booty to swap. The other caches we found were all extra small and only had room for a log book.

What to do?

Download and open the free version of the Geocaching App onto your mobile device. Tap start and head towards the destination. When you are within 10 metres you get a notification that you are near and to start looking. When you find the geocache you click on the log geocache tab at the bottom and record your find!

Geocaching is so much fun and a great way to get outdoors and visit places you may not have previously adventured too. We give Geocaching five stars for fun!



Angela Twyford is the co-founder of Wide Bay Kids.