Their family looks like they came straight out of a catalogue. And while they may have picture-perfect looks, the Bunter family is about as down to earth as they come. 

Trading the big smoke for Bundaberg in 2015, Graham and Nicole Bunter have loved creating a life here for their little family.

The couple met and fell in love in Brisbane. Graham had grown up in Gympie, while Nic had been a competitive figure skater in her teen years. It was an opportunity for pharmacist Graham to take on a business partnership at Chemist Warehouse that brought them to the Region.

“Because Graham grew up in a regional town, he is used to people knowing his name. Here, people know him as their pharmacist and give him a wave or say hello,” Nic said. “It’s a busy job, but he really enjoys helping people and being someone locals can go to for advice.”

Nic’s job as an emergency nurse keeps her busy, as well as juggling their three young children: Stella, age six, Anna, four, and Jack, two.

“We look back over the past seven years – we’ve moved here, got married, started a business and had three kids. We’ve done a lot in those few years, no wonder we’re exhausted,” Nic joked.

After first feeling overwhelmed moving away from their families, the Bunter Family quickly fell in love with the change of pace Bundaberg offered them.

“I love how it is a bit quieter. Things are closer. The traffic is less. The beaches are right on your doorstep. You can go and visit the farms. It’s just beautiful,” Nic said.  

“We did a lot of travelling in our early dating years, and the beaches here are just stunning. You really can’t beat them. There is also a lot of like-minded young families here and we now have a beautiful circle of friends who have children the same age as ours and are running businesses and doing sports and kids activities.”


The Bunter family is featured on the cover of our Barbecue Issue.
Crush models aren’t paid professionals, just people who love the Bundaberg Region.