Their products sit behind some of the world’s most famous food brands. There’s a fair chance you’ve unknowingly enjoyed their food. You would have driven past their family farm and factory on Goodwood Road many times, but never joined the dots.

Farm Fresh Fine Foods, the food manufacturing arm of Steinhardt Corporation which started in 1958, has been producing specialised vegetable products since 1998. Today, the second and third generations of the Steinhardt and Gerry families create unique ingredients and products for the likes of Coffee Club, Grill’d, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Dominos and Lite ‘n’ Easy. They also supply dip manufacturers, airlines, mining camps, nursing homes, caterers, hotels and restaurants through national food distributors, PFD and Bidfood. 

Andrew Gerry, who leads the team at farm Fresh Fines Foods, said his family cherished the relationships it had cultivated with more than 30 local growers to supply quality vegetables year-round. He said it was their commitment to Australian-grown produce that set them apart from other food manufacturers. “Fresh, clean, safe, sustainable food – we are the go-between from paddock to plate. Being a multi-generational family-owned business and not a big corporation enables us to be agile and work closely with our customers to understand their exact needs and get products into the marketplace quickly, and that’s what our clients expect.”

Andrew said Farm Fresh Fine Foods was in a unique position to offer a broad range of cooking methods and processing techniques from a single factory – par-fried and roasted frozen, purees, mashes and soups, par cooked, pasteurised or marinated. Recently, they’ve added zucchini wedges (pictured) to their impressive range. “Combine freshness with the latest technology and an innovative team of food technologists and chefs; there is no limit to what we can create for our clients and their consumers – from baby to aged care.” 

Andrew urged consumers to buy products that are grown and manufactured in Australia. “It’s so important that consumers take notice of where their food comes from to support our local farmers.”