The release that comes with crying can help bring a sense of acceptance to a range of emotions. Grief and loss. Hopelessness and anxiety. Sadness and frustration. Anger and resentment. Hope and joy. Pure love.

There is rarely an event in life that brings the full pendulum of tears and none that tug on the heartstrings quite as much as the process of invitro fertilisation (IVF).

The weight of longing and desire for a child, mixed with additional hormones and expectations from would-be parents, their families and friends, is only lifted for the lucky few that eventually get to hold a baby in their arms.

For Kristy Roberts and husband Matt, being brave enough to go through this daunting process brought them Paxton, their fourth and final child.

Having had three children – Declan, Ruben and Haven – naturally, Kristy said she knew she would do anything to complete her family with another baby.

“I always had it in my mind we were having four children. So, when it wasn’t happening naturally, I knew we needed
to do whatever we needed to do to make this happen,” Kristy said.

“It was hard, and I think that is in part because people don’t talk about how they struggle or they feel ashamed of it, even though it’s not anyone’s fault. I think a lot of people have the thought that they have failed, or their body is failing them.”

After having suffered three devastating miscarriages in the past, Kristy and Matt turned to Fertility Solutions Bundaberg for help.

“We tried a few things and after a few more tests we found out my tubes were blocked by scarring caused by the miscarriages,” she said. The best fertility option to move forward was IVF.

“I thought I was prepared for it, but then when you’re actually going through it, it is so different. It’s different to normal pregnancy hormones with a natural pregnancy. I thought ‘I’ve done this three times, I’ll be fine’, but it is different.”

“During this process I thought ‘this is very hard, is it ever going to happen’, especially after having three naturally without having to go through everything involved with the IVF process.”

“Our first cycle was cancelled because the follicles didn’t grow big enough. In the second cycle they did harvest the eggs, but the first transfer failed. He was the last frozen one we had – he was our last shot.”

Nine months later Kristy and Matt and their three older children welcomed their newest bundle with open arms.
“It is just amazing and we are so thankful,” she said.

Kristy praised the support and services of Fertility Solutions, being able to have all appointments and procedures done in Bundaberg.

“My youngest daughter Haven had to come with me for most of my appointments and the clinic was lovely with her, explaining things along the way.”

Paxton was one of more than 150 babies that have been born with the help of Fertility Solutions in Bundaberg.


Fertility Solutions is location at 89 Woongarra St, Bundaberg West. Visit www.fertilitysolutions.com.au