There has certainly been a lot of spice in the real estate industry over the past month, with new rental reforms being introduced to restrict rent increases to once per year.  Tenants would suggest it is about time, where some landlords feel this is an attack from the State Government, at a time when costs like interest rates, insurances and maintenance continue to increase.  

The rental market has been incredibly challenging for tenants in recent years. And, as a boutique managing agency, we have come to realise that fair game across the board for both tenants and landlords will deliver the most satisfying outcome for all parties.  Tenants accept a lease for a landlord’s property and must respect that opportunity. The landlord has a duty of care to maintain the property, understanding it will be the tenant’s home for the duration of the lease. No one wins out of greed or disrespect. Establishing a great relationship between all parties will be what relieves the market of unnecessary pressure and helps retain tenants in property.

In the event of rent increases, we encourage landlords to be guided by their managing agent, to understand the current climate and where an increase is valid.  We can’t stress enough that the landlord should ensure their property meets the minimum housing standards and all reported maintenance issues are acted upon efficiently. This will ensure the right balance is met. It encourages good tenants to stay on for longer periods and care for the property. Landlords will receive consistent rental income to upkeep any mortgage commitments.

We trust our rental market will remain challenging for some time yet and we hope that investors continue to see value in our Region, following through with the purchase of investment properties.  There is still a shortage of available properties to rent, based on the tenant applications our agency receives and the daily inquiry.  We are one of many agencies in the region who do our utmost to secure housing for tenants.  


With more than ten years’ experience in local real estate, Ryan is the co-founder of Weekes Property Co – a realtor agency designed to be different.