Food is the conduit for togetherness and merriment. Every culture in history has its own version of breaking bread, feasting or grazing. Bountiful table spreads and beverages bring people together to socialise and celebrate. 

Australians have always loved a good cheese platter as a starter at the weekend barbecue. For the past decade, decadent dessert stations have been popular at weddings and birthday parties. But in recent years, grazing tables have become the main event. Unlike a static meal at a dinner table, grazing boards create a flow that enables guests to move around, mingle with a drink in hand and sample what’s on offer.   

Grazing tables are no longer confined to savoury or sweet. The lines are being blurred to cater for every taste, with makers adding sweet touches like nougat, coffee beans, honeycomb or chocolate. 

Part of the enjoyment of curating your own grazing platter is shopping for it. A visit to Olsen’s Corner FoodWorks is an experience in and of itself. It’s a feast for the senses. This regional grocery store could rival even some of the best fine food purveyors in Australia’s capital cities. 

Their delicatessen and fine food section feature the very best local, Australian and international fromages, pates, deli meats, dips and terrines. From boutique groceries and condiments to health foods, premium staples and tempting treats. 

Olsen’s Corner prides itself on prioritising fresh produce that’s grown locally and in season. From peppery salad leaves and fragrant herbs to colourful fruit and vegetables – if it grows well in a temperate, sub-tropical climate you can almost guarantee they stock it. 

At Olsen’s Corner you’ll find absolutely everything you need to create a delicious cheese and antipasto plate, charcuterie board or ploughman’s platter. And that’s worth a toast! 

Assembling your grazing board

Start by positioning your cheese portions and larger items, like pates and dips, across the board or table. The most beautiful grazing boards include cheeses of various sizes, shapes, textures and colours. 

Fresh fruit and veg can be cut into manageable snack-size pieces, while leaving a few items whole for impact. Clustered together to create blocks of colour, medium-sized items like dried fruit are best placed to fill the large gaps between cheeses.

Roll or fold individual pieces of cured meat and layer in any remaining gaps. Small items like olives, pickled cornichons and nuts can now be popped into any little holes. 

Group and stack crackers around the outside, gently resting atop other dry items. This enables guests to follow the grazing trail from the outside in, and prevents breads and crackers from absorbing moisture and losing their crunch. Add finishing touches like herbs and edible flowers.

What’s on our grazing board? 

  • Kaamp Olive Tomato Gouda 
  • La Casa Del Formaggio Cherry Bocconcini
  • Maffra Red Leicester Cheese
  • Shale Point Australian Brie
  • Wattle Valley Traditional Chicken Pate
  • The Olive Branch Heavenly Crunchy Trio Dip
  • Wattle Valley Quince Paste
  • Australian Pork Mild Pancetta
  • Citterio Italian Proscuitto
  • Hans Salami
  • Antipasto, garlic filled olives, romana artichokes and fetta peppers
  • Maison Therese Pickled Cornichons
  • Assorted fresh local produce 
  • Quaranta Italia Nougat
  • Gin Gin & Dry Dried Fruit
  • The Ministry of Chocolate Dark Chilli
  • Naked Chocolate Co Belgian White Chocolate Freeze Dried Raspberries
  • Roccas Deli Fine Wafer Crackers
  • La Mole Sfornatini Al Sesamo
  • Olina’s Bakehouse Mediteranian Savoury Crisps
  • Best Buy Roasted Salted Cashews
  • Macadamias Australia assortment


Make it! Olsen’s Corner FoodWorks, Cnr of Walker and Barolin Streets, South Bundaberg, 4670