Did you know the average person spends 15 hours buying their new car, and 85 hours servicing it over the course of their ownership?

The automotive industry has changed over the past few decades, with technology and advanced safety features used to entice and win your business. 

Competition between brands for the next sale is so intense the consumer is now spoilt with features we take for granted at no extra cost.

New cars have never been cheaper than they are today. Manufacturers have been discounting new car prices to win sales for a long time, but it has only been more recently that their attention has turned to the service departments as the next frontier to win brand loyalty. 

It is a long-held belief that servicing at a dealership was too expensive to consider, with non-genuine servicing seen as a much cheaper alternative. This is no longer the case, with nearly all brands offering subsidised, capped or fixed price service plans. 

New car brands have heavily reduced the cost of servicing their products, most for the length of the warranty period and some for the lifetime of the car. The lowered cost of looking after your new car with factory-trained technicians means you are keeping your warranty terms watertight, as well as ensuring the latest software and engines management upgrades are installed as they become available. 

Keeping your car serviced at the dealership will increase the resale value of your car as well as give you piece of mind that the people who built your car are training the technicians on how to keep it running while using state-of-the-art equipment and genuine parts and oils.

The cost of keeping your car on the road is a major consideration when choosing your next new car, so make sure you consider the full cost of ownership of your new car.



Christopher Makin is the General Sales Manager of Bundaberg Motor Group, featuring nine brands and a large range of quality used cars. Pop into Bundaberg Motor Group to find out more.