Cars avoiding accidents and maintaining their position on the road without human intervention sounds like science fiction. The technology you find in a car now is just as important as what is under the hood. Today’s modern car is jammed packed with safety features that just a few years ago were only a dream.

Here’s a list of my top automotive technologies to consider when purchasing your next car:

Adaptive cruise control and lane assist keeps your car at a set speed and slows down or speeds up, to keep you at a safe distance from the car in front.  This reduces driver fatigue and makes life easier in traffic or on longer drives. Blind spot alerts mean that your car sees what you don’t, allowing you to change lanes safely.

Cars can now sense that a collision is imminent. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) will activate your car’s brakes, avoiding or minimising accidents. AEB reacts faster than any human and starts working well before you hit the brakes. Now, cars can not only detect other cars, but also avoid bicycles, pedestrians and wildlife. 

Online connectivity is a part of our everyday lives and mobile phones are an extension of us. It makes perfect sense for carmakers to take advantage of this. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow your smart phone’s features to connect you seamlessly and safely with the outside world while driving. Voice recognition allows for hands-free texting to friends and family while projecting your online mapping and music onto your car’s high-definition touch screens, making your commute a breeze. Add wireless charging and connectivity, and say goodbye to cords.

As manufacturers include more advanced safety technology, countless lives will be saved and avoidable accidents will become a thing of the past. 


Christopher Makin is the General Sales Manager of Bundaberg Motor Group, featuring nine brands and a large range of quality used cars.