Nothing says welcome home like an overflowing bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table. But do you know where your fruit and vegetables have come from or how far they’ve travelled to get to you? Why does it even matter? 

We all understand that buying locally helps support farmers and creates jobs, but the transport of food over long distances releases more greenhouse gas emissions than buying locally. It puts pressure on our road infrastructure. A study by CERES Community Environment Park and climate scientists from RMIT University found a typical basket of food in Australia has travelled about 70,000km – this is equivalent to travelling around the Earth twice.  

According to Olsen’s Corner FoodWorks Produce Manager Jimmy LioLios, foods that have been stored and transported vast distances are inferior in taste and nutrition to Queensland fruit and vegetables.

Jimmy and the team at Olsen’s Corner pride themselves on prioritising fresh produce that’s grown locally and in season. Donning a leather apron and friendly smile, Jimmy has been greeting Olsen’s Corner customers for more than 15 years. He’s built trusting relationships with local farmers, who deliver direct to Jimmy most days.  

From peppery salad leaves and fragrant herbs to colourful fruit and vegetables, if it grows well in a temperate, sub-tropical climate you can almost guarantee they stock it. Top quality cold climate produce that can’t be grown in Bundaberg – like apples, stone fruit, grapes, citrus, broccoli and cauliflower – is all sourced via the Brisbane Markets, just four hours’ drive away.  

Olsen’s Corner’s abundant fruit and vegetable section has the aromatic atmosphere and polished presentation of a classic green grocer. It’s a fitting tribute to the many hardworking Queensland families who grow Australia’s food.  

Whether you are a meat and three veg kind of family or you like to experiment with cuisines from around the world, Olsen’s Corner FoodWorks will help fill your plate sustainably.


You can find Olsen’s Corner at 56 Walker Street, Bundaberg South