There is no stronger nut than the macadamia. It takes 300 pounds per inch of pressure to crack open its hard shell. It’s fitting this is the product the Steinhardt family has built their name on. 

The multi-generational farmers have taken the humble macadamia nut and grown a business that has earned success both nationally and internationally. Locally, they have turned a farm gate into an impressive agri-tourism facility and café that continues to excite both locals and visitors. Macadamias Australia is the definition of what it means to grow from strength to strength.

The latest addition to their growing offering is a range of handcrafted chocolates, made on-site in the newly-opened Chocolate Room. Here you can see master chocolatier Kevin Wheatley creating milk or dark macadamia clusters or macadamias coated in white chocolate, white and dark chocolate or a special lemon-myrtle-flavoured white chocolate. You’ll have a hard time deciding which bag to take home. 

Macadamias Australia is free to visit and participate in a tasting. Browse through the shop or stay for a gelato, housemade sweets or coffee at the Orchard Table café. Meals are served seven days for breakfast and lunch, with special theme nights also offered on occasion.

For a more immersive experience, you can now also learn more about Macadamias Australia through one of the hosted tours. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, spend 60 minutes walking through the orchard, learning about the family and farm, having a hands-on experience with cracking, enjoying an exclusive tasting and savouring some macadamia-inspired food and drink from the Orchard Table Café.

Give it a crack!

MACADAMIAS AUSTRALIA 4625 Goodwood Road, Bundaberg 07 4159 7265 www.macadamiasaustralia.net