Tucked away down an industrial siding near Bundaberg Airport is an artisan beverage company that has shot to fame. Don’t be fooled by Kalki Moon Distilling and Brewing Company’s humble exterior – in the four years since they opened their doors, they’ve won a swag of Australian and International medals and well-deserved praise from even the toughest of gin critics.

Heavy chains heave open large roller doors to reveal a welcoming watering hole; surrounded by beautifully scented oak barrels, a gleaming copper still and gift shop. As you enjoy a superbly-crafted drink in the middle of this working distillery, you can’t help but feel owners Rick and Kylie Prosser have welcomed you into their home and revealed a piece of their heart.

Sample their award-winning gins, liqueurs, vodkas and ales, as well as their latest creation, Plant Cane. Made using Queensland’s finest grade of molasses, Plant Cane is a mixer that’s best enjoyed in a similar way to rum.

Born out of the canefields, Kalki Moon is proof that Bundaberg is much more than just a rum city!


Visit Kalkie Moon at 22 Commercial Street, Bundaberg


Pink Gin & Apple Cider

  • 45ml Kalki Moon Pink Gin Liqueur
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Ice
  • Topped with Bundaberg Apple Cider


In a shaker add:

  • 45ml Kalki Moon Plant Cane
  • 15ml muddled fresh lime or lime syrup
  • 15ml simple syrup
  • Ice

Shake and strain into a coupe glass

Fig Jam Martini

In a shaker add:

  • 60ml Kalki Moon Premium Gin
  • 30ml of fresh muddled lemon or lemon syrup
  • 30ml simple syrup
  • 1 bar spoon (or tsp) of Alloway Farm Market Home-Made Fig Jam
  • Ice

Shake and strain into a martini glass

Gin Gin Mule

  • 30ml Kalki Moon Classic Gin
  • Fresh muddled lime
  • Topped with Bundaberg
    Ginger Beer
  • Ice
  • Garnish with fresh mint

Kalki Moon ½ Session Ale 3.5%

Available on tap only, exclusively at the Distillery