It’s the largest human organ and often the first to show signs of distress – our skin. 

Bundaberg Health Foods owner Linda Tindale says our skin absorbs everything – from the skincare and make-up we put on it, to the clothes we cover it in. It is also one of the first reasons why people will seek out natural products. 

“People’s reasons for starting to look to natural products differ. For some it is purely health related or wanting a more natural lifestyle, but skin concerns, like eczema are a big reason too,” Linda said. 

“We have access to so much information, and we have more knowledge now. What was once just considered an irritation, we know there can be deeper causes.”

For the past 12 years, Linda and Bundaberg Health Foods has been sourcing and selling the best natural products they can find from grocery items, health snacks, teas, vitamins and supplements to toiletries, essential oils and individual and bulk cleaning products. Demand for natural products continues to grow.

“We are more focused on sustainability now. People are conscious of where their products come from and where that rubbish ends up,” Linda said. 

“Today’s natural products are also every bit as good as their chemical counterparts. There are so many beautiful natural essential oils that are antibacterial and anti-fungal, and we know more now about how effective these products are.”



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