The retail shopping landscape has changed a lot over the past decade, but Bundaberg Health Foods owner Linda Tindale has continued to serve a loyal customer base by focusing on two key areas – good customer service, and a strong knowledge of what is being offered.

“We have great customers and over the years have focused on working with them. They often know what they want, and I’m trying to help provide that for them,” Linda said. 

“In the health and wellness space, the ‘flavour of the month’ can change very quickly. People do a lot of research, so they are very aware of new options and new products. When you are a small store, you just have to focus on what customers need or what they are looking for. We are very much guided by our clients.”

Celebrating 13 years in
business, Linda said Bundaberg Health Foods continued to stock a little bit of everything, from supplements and whole foods, skincare and eco-friendly household cleaners. 

“At the moment immunity is a big area where people are looking for support, but general wellness, natural skincare and eco-friendly products are areas that are still growing,” Linda said.

It’s the focus on helping customers get what they need that has driven a loyal client base. The store was rewarded for their efforts last year, being named winner of the Best Retail category at the Business Excellence Awards in 2022. 


BUNDABERG HEALTH FOODS is at 51E Woongarra Street, Bundaberg. Telephone 07 4151 5187 or visit bundaberghealthfoods.com.au