There’s no denying the events of 2020 have changed the way we work and live, which is having a huge impact on the place we call home.

Demand for studios, lifestyle locations and space have soared amid the coronavirus pandemic, as cooped-up house hunters sought out more comfortable home living arrangements.

Separate areas in which to work and unwind became increasingly front of mind for buyers in 2020, with house hunters looking for locations close to beaches or parks or a property with a separate studio or dedicated home office.

Although we weren’t affected by as strict lockdown laws as other states, the time has reminded buyers the value of having a nice backyard and a bit more space for the whole family.

There’s a focus on having separate spaces for kids and adults under the one roof and also good internet connectivity. Some students have moved back into home or have delayed moving out.

The idea of working from home was forced on some people, but now it seems it has also become aspirational as people have realised they can do it and actually prefer the lifestyle.

Our region is lucky to offer a fantastic lifestyle, which has attracted a lot of interest from busier cities and town within Queensland. This has increased the demand for homes in our area creating a hype of activity in the real estate market over the last few months.


Emma Bauer is the owner of Coastline Realty. She also has experience in conveyancing and interior design.