A tasty drink and a good song is one of life’s great combos – one I am quite familiar with!

When it comes to this classic combo, I have two modes and they are polar opposites! I either like to be upbeat or indulge in moody feels.

If the vibe is upbeat, give me some Beastie Boys. Triple Trouble is a banger! The Fatboy Slim remix of Body Movin’ is an absolute jam too. I also don’t mind some sweary gangster rap either, or if it’s a Friday night you would be mad not to give Rhianna’s Cheers a spin.

But if I am going to indulge in some sappy moodier tipple tunes, now that I’m all loved up and in a relationship, Labrinth’s Beneath Your Beautiful, featuring the delightful Emeli Sande, can really get you in the feels. 

John Mayer’s Who Says is a relatively unknown song of his, but it’s one of his best and great for a moody drink and listen. The group Fun may just be the gold medallist of setting a moody vibe for a drink. We are Young goes well, Some Night’s absolutely yes! Carry On is also another great song. 


A nice drink and good music go hand in hand. And after a busy working week there is nothing better than catching up with friends over a drink and some good music.

If you have a group of people over, you really need some nice mellow background music, but once they leave I let my inner rock goddess out and hit play on the ‘80s hair band rock playlist. You will often hear me belting out Bon Jovi and Poison on a Saturday night in North Bundy.

A great example of when drinks and music come together perfectly is at a wedding. I hadn’t been to one in years until recently, and I’d forgotten just how fun they are. There is nothing better than hitting the dance floor after a couple of drinks to Nutbush, Macarena and Time Warp and still remembering all the moves.



Matty Ambrose and Tracey Sergiacomi are radio hosts for the Breakfast Program on 93.9 Hitz FM, weekdays from 6am.