There is nothing quite like the feeling of achievement. Trying a move you haven’t done before. Going up a weight you have yet to attempt. Beating a personal best. 

These are just some of the reasons people exercise week-in, week-out. Not to mention the endorphin high after you complete your workout – you feel awake and full of energy. 

It is these results and feelings that are the focus of locally-owned and independent gym, Bundy Fit. Owner Natalie Hepi-Tehuia said their sole purpose was to help new members find the joy in exercise and to help current members continue to strive for their personal goals. 

“After exercise, not only do you feel great about yourself, but you feel a bit stronger to be able to take on life issues. It’s about so much more than being physically strong. There are so many other added benefits,” Natalie said.

Bundy Fit specialise in functional fitness. They started out as a bootcamp almost a decade ago, and then became affiliated with CrossFit.  Now putting their own stamp on training; their daily classes cover a bit of everything. 

“It’s weightlifting. It’s cardio. It’s gymnastics. It’s not the same thing everyday. Everyday you come in, it will be a different format,” Natalie said.

“We are technique focused, so you don’t need to have any gym or training experience, as our coaches will work with you to learn and perfect the technique you need. 

“If you are just getting involved in fitness and need some motivation, if you are time poor and want to make the most out of your hour, if you want to train hard and compete, our trainers cover it all. All you need to do is show up.”

Natalie said being ‘group’ focused also added to the camaraderie at the centre, with six-week health and weight loss challenges, a dedicated teen program, basketball teen program and inhouse competitions. 

Bundy Fit moved into their new space in East Bundaberg in 2022, which means members can comfortably work out in their own space. Men’s and women’s amenities and a children’s area are also provided.


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