Boxing Day. It’s a day to pack away some of the Christmas mess, watch cricket on the television and eat leftovers. For kids, it often involves playing in the empty cardboard boxes.

Imaginative play is vital for a child’s development and there is no better catalyst than a cardboard box. Cut out a few holes, paint the outside and the humble box is transformed into a castle, space rocket, pirate ship, aeroplane, cubby house, magicians’ box, fort, corner store, café or lemonade stand.

The problem with most of these crude constructions is that the cardboard isn’t always durable and the sticky tape and staples that hold the creations
together can be flimsy. That’s why locals Eddie Driscoll and Barry McConnell created Box ‘n’ Bolt.

Helping a friend move house and seeing how his children enjoyed playing with the packing boxes sparked an idea in Eddie to create cardboard tunnel and tower construction kits, made from recycled materials, that could pack down flat for easy storage.

“I’ve worked briefly in the construction sector, but am also a high school physical education, maths and science teacher, so I wanted to create something that kept kids active in a fun, practical way,” Eddie said.

“These kits are designed to be used again and again. What children build is only limited by imagination.”

Barry, who works in IT and previously owned a 3D printing business, said their plastic bolts were sold as part of their kits and separately, to allow children to customise their creations using other boxes.

“Our bolts are a simple, secure and attractive way to interconnect re-used cardboard boxes, with the help of an apple corer or step drill. They also make great fidget spinners,” Barry said.

“Our Box ‘n’ Bolt kits are fantastic for indoor play and getting kids away from their screens. Get the kits out when you’re self-isolating after travelling interstate, when you want to escape a Summer storm or protect your kids from the midday sun.”

Get building!

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