Local artist Annette Tyson hopes her watercolour paintings of birds will help people to see Bundaberg’s beautiful wildlife in a new light.

Annette has always loved birds, and the Bundaberg region’s stunning natural beauty and abundant birdlife provides an endless source of inspiration for her art.

She also loves the Bundaberg region – the beach, clean water, and the relaxed lifestyle. And in her home by the coast, she only has to walk outside to see half a dozen bird species without looking too hard.

But not everyone may be aware of the diverse birdlife surrounding them.

Annette says she often sees people enjoying the coastal paths who will walk past numerous birds without even realising it. She hopes her art will inspire people to look around.

“I think if people are a bit more aware of them (the birds), then they’re more aware of looking after their environment,” Annette said.

“This would be one of the most beautiful places in the world, we’re very lucky to live here.”

Annette takes her own photographs of local birds and aims to capture them in particular gestures that tell a story of what the bird is like.

Painting for more than 12 years, Annette has mostly trained locally and learnt the basics from well known Bundaberg artist Ivan Rojahn. More recently she has began working in acrylic and textiles. Annette has exhibited locally and her first solo exhibition Nest, held in 2019, aimed to show the diversity of local birds and their habitats.

Annette hopes that after seeing her work people will be more inclined to look around for the birds captured in her paintings.

“I love living here and it’s just wonderful to see the wildlife around here, and I want to try and make people a lot more aware of it,” she said.

Artcards of Annette’s work can be purchased at the Bargara postoffice, the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and the Bundaberg Art Society gift shop.

Artcards, coasters, small prints and small original artworks are also available for sale at the Bundaberg Tourist Information Centre.


You can connect with Annette’s work on Instagram @ammettetysonart and visitors are very welcome at her studio on Woongarra Scenic Drive for an obligation free viewing. Direct message Annette on Instagram or call 0411476260 to arrange an appointment.