When you want to showcase the abundant, fresh, seasonal produce growing in the Bundaberg Region, you can’t go past a grazing board. Simple yet effective, they are the perfect option for any occasion. 

They can be made even more indulgent with some premium macadamias and macadamia products, available from The Orchard Table and Visitor Experience at Macadamias Australia. It’s a marvellous third-generation family farm that celebrates everything there is to love about this golden native Australian nut. 

Antipasto, Cheese and Charcuterie

Creating a traditional antipasto platter consists of meats, cheese, olives and vegetables along with a healthy serving of breads and crackers topped with fruits and nuts. But why not take it a step further and blur the lines between savoury and sweet. 

Add vibrant colours with grilled zucchini and capsicum, pickled vegetables, freshly picked strawberries and blueberries and a handful of Lemon Myrtle and Honey Roasted macadamias. 

Marinate some feta with macadamia oil and herbs or include macadamia dips such as pesto, beetroot or sweet potato. 

Have a go at making your own fruit and nut crackers with whole macadamias, macadamia pieces, dried fruits and seeds. 

Top your cheeses, pates and terrines with roasted nuts. For added indulgence, macadamia honey balances out the sharp flavours of aged and blue cheeses.

For a twist on tradition, Macadamias Australia works with a local butcher to create their own meats made with macadamia pieces. Their creations include chilli macadamia chorizo, as well as honey, macadamia and black pepper cabanossi. Let’s not forget their smoky chicken, honey and macadamia kabana. 


Dessert platters are always a winner. Macadamias and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Their Pure Indulgence chocolate range, sold exclusively at the Macadamias Australia Visitor Experience, is so good you needn’t complicate things. Enjoy the white chocolate or milk chocolate clusters just as they are. Purchase some decadent macadamia chocolate sauce to drizzle over your gelato or strawberries. Don’t forget the classic milk or dark chocolate coated macadamias from their signature range. You could even add pieces of The Orchard Table’s rich macadamia brownie to the plate. 

Visit Macadamias Australia and The Orchard Table at 4625 Goodwood Road, Bundaberg. Telephone 07 4159 7265 or visit Macadamiasaustralia.com.au