While most school children move straight from a primary school environment to high school, St Luke’s Anglican School is bridging the gap with a middle school for students in years 7, 8 and 9. 

Head of Middle School Matthew Hughes said middle school introduced students to a small number of specialist teachers and places; gradually transitioning them towards the “typical” senior school structure of highly-specialised classes with a different teacher for each subject.

“This structure lessens the ‘shock’ of moving away from the primary school model of one teacher, one classroom. Middle schools also support students’ social-emotional development in different ways to traditional high schools, in recognition of the unique time of early adolescence,” Matthew said. 

During these middle school years, Matthew said children were developing their sense of self and rapidly changing both physically and mentally; looking for more independence and dealing with the stresses and responsibilities this brings. He said St Luke’s provided a safe environment for students to explore all these things.

“High expectations, with sensitivity, allows space for students to make mistakes and learn from them, while being supported by a dedicated middle school staff. A focus on identity, relationships, purpose and rigour are the benefits of middle school.”

Working with the Australian curriculum, Matthew said St Luke’s largely focussed on personal growth, particularly the growth mindset, to provide the right type of environment for students to develop.

“A big part of it is knowing where you are, having an idea of where you want to get to, and making a plan for how to do that. We tend not to focus on mass programs, but rather individual learning and growth,” Matthew said. 

“It doesn’t matter whether students are receiving As or Cs, are the captain of the team or just trying a sport for the first time. They may already be an exceptional musician or are just starting out in the cultural space; it isn’t about where they are but where they want to be and how we can help them get there.” 


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