Living with chronic pain can be supported with the right treatments. It is something that Rebecca Starr has been working on her whole career.

The owner of Soul Flow Studio is a nutrition, holistic and wellness coach, as well as a qualified remedial and rehab massage therapist. She uses her training to help clients manage and recover from chronic pain, stress, trauma, injury, anxiety and depression.

“I had chronic migraines and chronic injuries, with no relief. I’ve discovered along the way which things helped me, so I wanted to help others. It’s about getting to the root cause of things, rather than just masking the symptoms,” Rebecca said.

Using a range of different techniques, remedial massage extends far beyond simple relaxation.

“We look at the fascia, we look at trigger points, we look at muscle function. I also do assessments and muscle testing. Then I target my treatment to that specific region. I also incorporate nutrition, stretching and exercise planning,” Rebecca said. 

Soul Flow Studio also offers a trauma-aware yoga class, for people with high-impact or chronic injuries. Clients have access to a gym and meditation area. Health Industry Claims and Payments Service (HICAPS) is available at the Studio. 


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