Bundy 93.9 Hitz FM breakfast co-host Matty and Trace share their ultimate road trip playlists.

Classic Trace

Road trips are exciting! You have the thrill of the open road and the excitement of getting to your destination.

When I was young, a road trip meant my brother, sister and I in the back seat, whinging to mum and dad to put some good music on. My parents were massive ‘60s music fans, but at the time all we wanted to listen to was current hits. And good music is a must for any journey. It makes you feel good and passes the time on a long and boring trip.

My best road trip ever was about five years ago with my bestie, when we drove from Bundy to Townsville. It was just two girls on the open road with a well-put-together playlist.  Who doesn’t love belting out Total Eclipse of the Heart at the top of your lungs!

Mellow Matty

I once took a train trip here from Sydney. My cousins lived near Childers and the trip went for what felt like days. There were so many stops! I’m definitely not someone that loves a long drawn-out journey, I’m just too impatient.

So when I am going somewhere, I need something relaxing to ease my long-journey anxiety. Vance Joy comes to mind, Fire and the Flood or Mess is Mine would get the job done.

For me the perfect long car drive genre would be folk. Something that tricks me into thinking this long drive is going to be okay. Something happy, emotive with a whole lot of chill.

Old school? Maybe James Taylor’s You’ve Got a Friend is just the sort of reassurance I need to get through cabin fever. Or the soothing acoustic guitar in Fire and Rain. Something more modern? Home by Phillip Phillips or Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

It may seem a bit strange that for a drive away, I would choose a lot of songs that are about home. But I’ve realised long drives are not something I like and a good old folk song about home makes everything better again.

Matty and Trace are radio hosts for the Breakfast Program on 93.9Hitz FM, weekdays from 6am.


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