It’s the time of year when we start thinking more about taking care of our health. What changes we can put in place or how we can do things a little better? You probably know what you should be eating, but may be having trouble putting it into practice. If you are, then a nutrition coach, like Amanda Findlay at Above Average Nutrition, may be just what you need.

While dietitians and nutritionists are qualified to deal with health problems, nutrition coaching is about helping people develop healthy lifestyle habits.

“You can be told to just eat certain things or a certain amount each day, but are you going to get sick of eating those things? A meal plan doesn’t actually teach you anything,” Amanda said.

Above Average Nutrition is a small group online program with weekly check-ins or phone calls with Amanda.

“It’s not about what you have eaten or what the scales say for the week. It’s about how do you feel this week.
What are your wins or what do you feel went wrong,” Amanda said. 

Nutrition coaching is something Amanda, also a CrossFit coach, became passionate about after trying it herself. 

“About four years ago I had a nutrition coach and it just changed how I viewed food and how I viewed myself. Working in the nutrition space is something I have always had an interest in,” she said. 

The structure of the program is also set up to fit around people’s lives and Amanda’s other business, Complete Bookkeeping Concepts, which continues to grow; now a team of seven.

“Our role as bookkeepers has changed in the past few years. For a lot of our clients we’re more of a finance team. We are taking on more small business who are struggling to get admin staff,” Amanda said. 

“A lot of businesses also struggle with the complexity of bookkeeping. Just because you have Xero or Myob doesn’t mean you are looking after your business. Like all software, if you put rubbish in you get rubbish out. The financial data has to be clean,” Amanda said. 

“With our help, businesses can be confident to make decisions based on their finances, whether they can grow the business, or need to employ someone else.” 


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